// Fahad Khalil
Melbourne, Australia;

Software technology evangelist, a computer programmer for 15 years, with a passion for problem-solving & technology


Solution Architect, Start-ups, Agile, Software Design & Development, AWS, Microservices, High-performance architectures, Data warehouse, EAI, Test Automation.



Working as an Engineering Lead and Solution Architect at a Melbourne based fintech start-up. Responsible for keeping an extremely energetic and creative CEO in reality yet helping him in thinking miles ahead. Building a platform for business process automation with a vision for a SAAS solution. Most of the time is spent around writing user-stories by liaising with relevant teams and stakeholders, designing the application architecture, fire-fighting, code reviewing, deployments, testing, coding, setting-up best practices and achieving customer happiness.

The primary technology stack is Microsoft .NET (ASP .NET MVC, Javascript, C#, SQL Server) and AWS.


After a happy exit from Kno, began a new gig with four friends, grew my team size at my service-based start-up 10x and revenue 30x within 4 years.

Designed the architecture for Melbourne based social-media application. Used AWS for super-fast content delivery. Assisted team in designing the AI module responsible for accomplishing something intelligent.

Designed multiple business intelligence and data warehouse applications which gather information from multiple systems and cast data into meaningful information for the business. Designed tools/ETL for massive technology/ platform migrations.

Architect for the development of highly scalable fail-safe, REST/ Microservices based application infrastructure and Spotify API wrappers for a NewYork based start-up.

Designed, built & operated a robust infrastructure based on AWS & Fastly for serving applications 24X7 across the four continents (highest load – 400K impressions per minute, costs under $10K/m).

In stone-age of Spotify API era, lead the effort to develop a custom load-balancer in C# for LibSpotify (C based Spotify Client API) – over 1M playlists created, 50M+ tracks manipulated – 99% Up-time.

Lead the development of custom build system integrated with AWS, Cloudfront, Bitbucket, Bits on the run (Video CDN) & Fastly with the purpose of: fetching latest code from repositories, extract resources (verbiage, assets, etc) post to a custom CMS, determine hosting zone, determine the number of online servers, publish code, clear Fastly cache, clear remote webserver APC cache.

Using awesome tools, designed a custom proxy infrastructure for remote API calls (Facebook, Spotify, Last.fm, ROVI etc.) for improved response times and lower data-costs. Developed high-performance multi-threaded data harvest system for remote API’s (e.g. Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, Last.fm, and ROVI).

Pursuing excellence in delivery team ensuring test automation, continuous integration, code reviews and architecture excellence.


Lead a team of developers writing Software stack for first educational tablet called Kno - a Silicon Valley startup. Prime responsibility was to act as a middle-man between product and engineering teams. Learnt and practiced the art of Agile development, setting expectations, team building, and delivery.

Startup was acquired by Intel.


Started an offshore Software Development centre with a friend. Ended up building a team of twenty-five. Took an exit for the sake of building new skills and working with best in trade.


Worked as a Software Engineer and worked with a team well versed with the skill of Software development. Worked on building a product related to back-office operations of a bank. Learned and mastered the art of Software development and associated skills such as Requirements Analysis, Design Patterns, Architecture, Security, Testing and Client Success.